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“Selling your business is a huge decision to make, so why not do it right? With starting, growing, and then ultimately selling my own pest control company, I experienced the process from the seller’s perspective firsthand. Now as an M&A advisory firm, we walk individuals through the process of selling their company and use our professional experience to help owners who are in the same shoes receive the best value for their business.”

Stuart Aust, Principal/Founder

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“I’ve held countless meetings with clients to propose them our services, but selling your business is totally different. Having worked in pest control and now on the M&A side, The Aust Group team was able to fully understand our business because they lived it. I’d tell anyone that is thinking of selling to utilize The Aust Group as their broker. Having them in my corner paid off dividends and they got me more than I hoped for. The Aust Group crushed it!”
“When I reached out to Stuart Aust and The Aust Group, it was one of the greatest business decisions I’ve ever made. There is so much information that is being collected and verified, and The Aust Group was there every step of the way. I wouldn't have been able to manage it alone. If you are considering selling your business, I urge you to call Stuart and The Aust Group and experience firsthand how beneficial it is working with them.”

About TAG

The Aust Group, established by Stuart Aust, is a family-based mergers and acquisitions firm that specializes in advising owners and shareholders through the M&A process. We combine our transactional expertise and pest control experience to deliver maximum value to our clients. Our primary focus is exclusively on the pest control industry, and we work alongside high-growth companies operating on a recurring business model. Additionally, we provide comprehensive valuation services to determine a range of values for businesses and offer strategic recommendations to optimize your enterprise value before engaging in a competitive M&A process.

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