Buy-Side Advisory

The Aust Group represents buyers and engages on the buy side of M&A transactions. Our goal on the buy side is to ensure that the specific transaction considered meets the strategic goals and performance objectives of the acquirer in both the short and long term. While performing an acquisition creates a new revenue stream or service offering, there can also be significant challenges after the transaction without proper planning and specific deal rationale. Having been involved in numerous transactions and observing purchasers operate post-transaction, we have the unique experience and perspective to help you pursue the right deal and maximize your investment over time. Some of the specific approaches we take to our buy side engagements include:  

Industry Insight

The Aust Group is sought out on different projects with large private firms, public companies, private equity, and investment management groups that are looking to learn more about pest control and service-related industries. The Aust Group discusses various topics with these parties including:

Client Testimonial

"The services provided by The Aust Group made it clear this was a good fit for our company. They provided all the necessary information to make our decision easy to move forward with our purchase.”
Jeff King
Owner, The Pest Rangers

More Information

If you’re exploring the idea of purchasing a business, fill out the form or contact us via the information below: