Preparing for sale

The Aust Group takes a close look at your business and reviews specific aspects of the business such as financial performance, KPI’s, and customer metrics.  Once we have performed our careful assessment of your business, we provide guidance and strategic planning in the form of a business evaluation. This package will help you understand your company’s worth and identify specific steps to maximize the value of your business, which will greatly benefit you now or in the future with a potential sale.

Business Evaluation

In our business assessment of your company, our evaluations:

  • Are subjective, based on the readiness and fitness of your company, and consider external market conditions at the time
  • Utilize different multiple based methodologies and fundamental techniques such as the discounted cash flow analysis and related models when providing an evaluation summary
  • Provide a range of recommended values, but it should be clearly understood that the market always determines the value of your company
  • Include recommendations to improve your business and identify where efficiencies can be created

More Information

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