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Our Process

Our proprietary M&A process comprises of four distinct stages: Preparation, Marketing, Due Diligence, and AgreementSuccessfully navigating each of these stages is pivotal to achieving your desired outcome. Below is a brief description of our role in each stage of the process:

Create value and set the stage to tell your story to the buyer universe

  • Comprehensive Business Overview: We examine your company’s history, service offerings, employees, and core operations. This detailed information is used to highlight the unique features of your business with prospective purchasers.
  • Financial Assessment: By conducting an in-depth “Financial Review”, we analyze historical financial data, including revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Furthermore, we identify owner-related expenses and non-recurring costs to normalize your financials, which paints a clear picture to potential purchasers of how your business will operate post-transaction.
  • Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM): We package your business into a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), also known as the book or pitch deck. This confidentially engages with buyers in a substantive manner, offering a clear roadmap of value that translates into competitive offers for your business.

Portray the characteristics of your business that make your company highly attractive in a competitive setting

  • Confidential Engagement: Confidentially, we identify and engage with potential purchasers and facilitate management meetings to present the strengths and value proposition of your firm.
  • Tailored Approach: By uniquely structuring each transaction as a competitive process, we deliver maximum value for your business. We serve as the primary interface between prospective purchasers and oversee the process with definitive timelines.
  • Negotiation Expertise: We negotiate non-binding offers with propsetive purchasers on your behalf. This allows us to identify shared core values that align with your objectives, aiding in the selection of the preferred acquirer.  

Support you for the buyer’s detailed examination and verification of your business

  • Gatekeeper: We evaluate information requested by the purchaser before submitting documents into a secure data room. To ensure an efficient and timely flow of information, we serve as an intermediary between buyer and seller.
  • Specific Guidance: We provide guidance for virtual meetings and in-person visits from purchasers and third-party firms, assisting in data collection.
  • Timely Process: We ensure the timely delivery of the purchase agreement upon the successful completion of due diligence activities.

Drive the transaction to a swift and prompt closing with your best interest in mind

  • Document Review: We review the purchase agreement, disclosure schedules, and ancillary documents, including real-estate leases, non-compete agreements, employment agreements, and consulting agreements with your legal counsel.
  • Issue Resolution: By proactively engaging in the negotiation process, we provide support for any final business-related matters that transpire and mediate between buyer and seller.
  • Communication Oversight: We oversee the flow of communication and multiple workstreams with your legal counsel and accountant to guide the transaction to its completion.

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