Sell-Side Advisory

Selling your company is a taxing and highly complex process. Having someone facilitate between the buyer and seller is critical for managing expectations and maintaining strong communication between parties.When you retain an advisor, you can continue to focus on your business rather than investing all your time and energy into the transaction, which could impact your company’s performance. An experienced advisor will take control of the transaction process and negotiate on behalf of the seller. Other advantages of hiring an experienced M&A advisor include: 

Marketing Your Company

  • Gather & Analyze

    Request and analyze your company information from the perspective of a buyer to ensure that key metrics are being shared with purchasers and any shortcomings found are addressed prior to discussions with buyers.

  • Tell Your Story

    Engage with buyers in a way that is substantive and based on historical information so that there is a clear roadmap of value that translates into strong offers for your business.

  • Ensure a Successful Transaction

    Create "win-win" scenarios by identifying like-minded buyers who share similar values and vision as your business so that you can preserve your legacy and company culture.

Client Testimonials

“We want to thank The Aust Group for helping us sell our pest control business of 42 years. We could not have asked for a better experience. Stuart, Dan, Nick, and Chris walked us through every step from start to finish. We would recommend The Aust Group to anyone who is thinking of selling their pest control business. Their expertise and guidance throughout the entire process was priceless. Thank you from two happy and retired individuals. We also enjoyed getting to know the family, spending time together and feel we have new wonderful friends.”
“The Aust Group was great!! Deciding to sell my company, Integrated Pest Management, after 37 years was a difficult decision. It would have been overwhelming if not for The Aust Group. Initially, I considered selling my business on my own, however, after speaking with Stuart, I realized that having someone who has not only been through this process himself but understands the complexities of mergers and acquisitions is vital to getting the most competitive offer. After going through this process, I know for a fact that without the expertise of The Aust Group, we would have never made it to the finish line. The Aust Group exceeded all of our expectations. They were there every step of the way. If you are considering selling your company, call The Aust Group. I’m glad I did. It was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made!”
“When I contemplated selling my business, the most important factor was who should I have in my corner to guide me through this challenging process. After meeting with Stuart and his team, the choice was immediately clear. I felt throughout the entire process like I was dealing with friends and family. Every step of the way, they always had my back and my company’s best interests at heart. They told our story and shared my journey in a wonderful historical chronology which set the stage for negotiations that enabled me to get an offer that far exceeded my expectations. There is no doubt that without The Aust Group’s expertise and many previous transactions, I would have never been in that position. If you are looking for professionalism, integrity, and credibility when the time comes to take what is probably one of the biggest steps in your life, look no further than The Aust Group. I am sincerely grateful to have had them as a partner in this endeavor.”
“This process would have been very difficult without the expert advice and knowledge of The Aust Group. The Aust Group is very professional and worked extremely hard every step of the process with us. The Aust Group did a fantastic job representing us, something we certainly could not have achieved throughout this process on our own. We now can say that without a doubt this was the best decision we could have made. We would once again like to thank The Aust Group for all you have done for us and would highly recommend them if you are looking to merge or sell your pest control business. This choice is very clear.”
"The Aust Group did a fantastic job for Hall's Pest Control. They made a seemingly formidable process into a smooth, efficient operation. They were always there for support and guidance. They delivered on all their promises and duties. We are pleased beyond all expectations. I highly recommend The Aust Group team to anyone looking to sell their pest control company. Thank you to The Aust Group for a job well done!”
Dana Hall
Former Owner, Hall's Pest Control
“I want to thank The Aust Group for the professional handling of the sale of my company. To say this was a stressful time would be a bit of an understatement, but the backing I received from The Aust Group and the help compiling of the numerous documents necessary for the transaction to take place was invaluable. An honest and forthright representation of my company's value made this all worthwhile. The Aust Group is to be commended and I am in indebted to them.”
Jim Murphy
Former Owner, Tri-County Pest Control, Inc.
“When I decided I wanted to explore selling my company, it just made sense for me to utilize The Aust Group. They learned our company inside and out and were able to tell our story extremely well. The Aust Group brought numerous purchasers to the table, managed the sales process well, kept me on task, maximized my opportunity, and made the process enjoyable. Their team’s knowledge, passion to do the right thing, and the assistance they give their clients maximized the purchase price I received. I highly recommend The Aust Group. They are the team you want on your side when you are selling your company.”
Eric Ufer
Former Owner, Pest Solutions LLC
"Working with The Aust Group was the best decision we could have made for brokering our business. They were so professional and spent a lot of time preparing us for the sale in advance. The deal could not have gone any smoother. Thank you to The Aust Group for a job well done.”
Michael Lipsett
Former Owner, Connecticut Pest Elimination Inc.
“The Aust Group has the know-how to put together a top-notch presentation, the connections to get you in front of viable sellers, and will definitely put in the hours necessary to close your deal.”
Russ Craber
Former Owner, Sun Pest Management
"When we sold our pest control company, The Aust Group proved to be an outstanding advisor. They were detail-oriented and decidedly experienced in mergers and acquisitions. Every step of the way, The Aust Group skillfully facilitated the transaction between our company and the buyer. We are confident to know our business is remaining in good hands with the acquisition by Excel. The Aust Group was courteous and made everything professional and stress-free for us. They were also a real pleasure to work with. Of notable significance was the valuable pre-market advice from The Aust Group, which helped maximize the value of our business when we made the decision to sell. Our experience with The Aust Group was absolutely terrific, and we would highly recommend them to any pest control owner that is looking to sell their business now or in the future.”
Rich Pavone
Former Owner, Regent Pest Control Inc.
“When I made the pivotal decision to sell my company, I realized that the next move and most critical was finding the right advisor. From my first contact with Stuart Aust through the acquisition and beyond, these folks have been consummate professionals. Not only did they first accurately value my business so my expectations would be in line with the reality of the marketplace, but through the process of finding the right buyer, they worked diligently to see that maximum value became the reality. The Aust Group worked tirelessly though the entire process assisting and guiding me right to the closing date. So, while The Aust group negotiated with a potential buyer, I was able to stay fully focused on the performance of my company. That resulted in increased revenue and profit during the period and forced the offers to rise. The final negotiations by The Aust Group resulted in an increased offer that covered their fee. My advice is if you are looking for maximum value, do not go through it alone – hire The Aust Group and stay focused on your business.”
Bruce Morgan
Former Owner, Atlas Exterminator Co. Inc.
“Working with The Aust Group was a wonderful experience for us. We love the excellence and professionalism they demonstrated when preparing our company for the market and getting the right offer for us. From start to finish, they provided excellent advice and direction which was extremely helpful in getting the results we wanted. We have already recommended them to friends in the industry who are looking to sell their companies, reason being - they are simply the best. The Aust Group are not only business associates but through this process we have gained new friends.”
Sam Servick
Former Owner, Doctor Dead Bug Inc.
“We had been in business for over 25 years, so it was hard to hand over our company to just anyone. The Aust Group was so helpful, and they immediately communicated expectations with us and helped us every step of the way. The Aust Group was able to assist us with all the due diligence items needed in order to close. Daniel Aust was extremely accommodating to us and was paramount in making this sale happen. I couldn’t have done it without The Aust Group! I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering selling their business. Local companies are so personal to your community and your employee family. The Aust Group recognized this and was able to relate to us. It was so wonderful having The Aust Group on our side!”
Laurie Hawkins
Former Owner, Desert Pacific Exterminators
"I want to thank Stuart and all the staff at The Aust Group for their hard work in assisting with selling our business. It has been a real pleasure to work with them the past few months. From start to finish their level of professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail is amazing. I could not have imagined the sale of our business being so seamless while at the same time being such an enjoyable experience."
Norman Lytle
Former Owner, Lytle's Termite & Pest Control
"The Aust Group provided unbelievable assistance as we gathered the information needed to begin the process. They were extremely patient. They basically held our hands, as we pushed through the information needed to create a dynamic initial presentation to impress and 'wow' multiple companies. We had offers within a few days and meetings with potential buyers within 10 days. It was an exciting and emotional time. Stuart, Dan, Nick and Chris were so helpful, put us at ease with what to expect and offered guidance on what additional information the companies might be looking for. We had multiple offers. The experience we have had with The Aust Group has been outstanding. From the beginning and right through the closing they were great."
Mickey Ferrell
Former Owner, HomePro Pest Control

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