Sell-Side Advisory

Selling your company is a taxing and highly complex process. Having someone facilitate between the buyer and seller is critical for managing expectations and maintaining strong communication between parties.When you retain an advisor, you can continue to focus on your business rather than investing all your time and energy into the transaction, which could impact your company’s performance. An experienced advisor will take control of the transaction process and negotiate on behalf of the seller. Other advantages of hiring an experienced M&A advisor include: 

  • Experience with preparing and presenting marketing materials to buyers
  • Knowledge of the marketplace and acquirers involved
  • Relationships with buyers and understanding of their investment strategy such as size, geographic areas, and service type
  • Insight on market values and multiples based on past transactions and engagement with buyers in related conversations 
  • Ability to solicit multiple offers and analyze non-binding and binding agreements
  • Act as an intermediary between buyer and seller during due diligence and before Closing

Marketing Your Company

  • Gather & Analyze

    Request and analyze your company information from the perspective of a buyer to ensure that key metrics are being shared with purchasers and any shortcomings found are addressed prior to discussions with buyers.

  • Tell Your Story

    Engage with buyers in a way that is substantive and based on historical information so that there is a clear roadmap of value that translates into strong offers for your business.

  • Ensure a Successful Transaction

    Create "win-win" scenarios by identifying like-minded buyers who share similar values and vision as your business so that you can preserve your legacy and company culture.

Client Testimonials

“We had been in business for over 25 years, so it was hard to hand over our company to just anyone. The Aust Group was so helpful, and they immediately communicated expectations with us and helped us every step of the way. The Aust Group was able to assist us with all the due diligence items needed in order to close. Daniel Aust was extremely accommodating to us and was paramount in making this sale happen. I couldn’t have done it without The Aust Group! I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering selling their business. Local companies are so personal to your community and your employee family. The Aust Group recognized this and was able to relate to us. It was so wonderful having The Aust Group on our side!”
Laurie Hawkins
Former Owner, Desert Pacific Exterminators
"I want to thank Stuart and all the staff at The Aust Group for their hard work in assisting with selling our business. It has been a real pleasure to work with them the past few months. From start to finish their level of professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail is amazing. I could not have imagined the sale of our business being so seamless while at the same time being such an enjoyable experience."
Norman Lytle
Former Owner, Lytle's Termite & Pest Control
“Working with The Aust Group was a wonderful experience for us. We love the excellence and professionalism they demonstrated when preparing our company for the market and getting the right offer for us. From start to finish, they provided excellent advice and direction which was extremely helpful in getting the results we wanted. We have already recommended them to friends in the industry who are looking to sell their companies, reason being - they are simply the best. The Aust Group are not only business associates but through this process we have gained new friends.”
Sam Servick
Former Owner, Doctor Dead Bug
"The Aust Group provided unbelievable assistance as we gathered the information needed to begin the process. They were extremely patient. They basically held our hands, as we pushed through the information needed to create a dynamic initial presentation to impress and 'wow' multiple companies. We had offers within a few days and meetings with potential buyers within 10 days. It was an exciting and emotional time. Stuart, Dan, Nick and Chris were so helpful, put us at ease with what to expect and offered guidance on what additional information the companies might be looking for. We had multiple offers. The experience we have had with The Aust Group has been outstanding. From the beginning and right through the closing they were great."
Mickey Ferrell
Former Owner, HomePro Pest Control

More Information

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