Valuation Advisory

Valuation is the first step we undertake to determine your enterprise value and prepare you for the market. In fact, several of our clients started with our valuation advisory service before they sold their businesses. The advantage of this offering is that it enables owners to see their company through eyes of a buyer and unlock their business for further growth and margin expansion before engaging a formal sell-side process.

This package entails a comprehensive assessment of revenue and services, expenses and adjusted cash flow, and key metrics to determine a range of values for your business. While the market always determines the value of each business, our valuation advisory service provides shareholders with an opportunity to understand the key value drivers of their firm and how its worth can be optimized prior to an exit.

Our Expertise


We provide subjective valuations based on the maturity of your business, geography, and the external market conditions that impact the fundamentals of valuation.


We take a multifaceted approach to valuation utilizing several methodologies and key metrics to determine the quality of your future cash flow.


We provide a realistic range of strategic values for your business and recommendations to help you enhance the value of your firm prior to sale.

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